Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Shops and Sweaters

While I love the idea of selling my handknits, beaded items, and other things, I find the intricacies of Etsy, Ebay, and the local Farmer's Market daunting, at best. I am not a natural-born salesman, ya'll. I am, however, determined. Even if it means I must sit in a chair with cold feet for hours with a confusion of pics, links, words, and pricing swimming before my eyes.

So, what am I blabbering about? My new shop is open for business! Currently, I only have a handful of items for sale (remember what I said about pics, words, pricing? Mind-boggling and time-consuming - but I'll get there.) I plan on adding more very soon, though. 

Speaking of which, want a glimpse of what's on the needles? 

(I hope you said yes.)

Baby sweater:

This little number is from Creative Knitting magazine and I originally started it because I had the yarn the pattern called for in a colorway I love. It's a simple knit that looks beautifully complex. 

And did I mention it's going to have sparkly buttons?

Who doesn't love sparkly buttons? This one is for the shop.

Next up is a sweater I have high hopes of actually wearing this year, before the sweltering heat of summer kicks in. I don't have a great track record when it comes to finishing large items in a timely manner. But with only three inches of lace and a button band left, it's doable. That is, if spring quits trying to come in January. Seventy degrees outside today!

Seaside Cardigan. I've had several issues with this pattern, but I find it so lovely I can't complain much. Most of the problems have been noted and corrected on the Ravelry page, the others I have found I put on my project page. (Lion Brand Wool-ease in Misty Blue.)

Finally, my other WIP (that I'm actually working on) is a hugemongous pair of socks, in fingering weight  yarn, on size 1 needles. For my brother-in-law and his size 14 (!) feet. If it wasn't for a hard-earned PhD looming on his horizon, I wouldn't go this crazy route. (Even his wife, who is a prolific knitter and loves him madly, won't do it. See? Crazy.)

What are your WIPs? Ever knit a crazy huge item? 

P.S. Don't forget to check out the shop ;D.

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