Friday, February 1, 2013


From time to time, I have the great blessing of being a part of something wonderful. Several of those times have involved being a part of my sister's design career. Haci designs lace shawls. Beautiful confections, every one, that I usually don't even attempt to knit -because they are very lacy. She can also be found here and here.

Often, my part involves helping her pick names for the patterns. Sometimes, she listens to my design suggestions and incorporates them into a lovely new shawl. And once in a while - when the pattern is fairly simple - I get to test knit them for her.

Tsidfy (The Shawl I Designed For You - pronounced sid-fee), her latest release, was a triple win for me. She used my desire for a simple shawl with that lovely lace border, a name we came up with together, AND let me test knit it. (It was quite a convenient coincidence that I needed a pattern for a friend's wedding gift.)

I highly recommend this pattern. It was a quick knit, not too complex, and enjoyable - even for those who knit lace only reluctantly.

Great job, sis! Thanks for always letting me be a part :D.

P.S.The pattern is FREE! It can be found here

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Shops and Sweaters

While I love the idea of selling my handknits, beaded items, and other things, I find the intricacies of Etsy, Ebay, and the local Farmer's Market daunting, at best. I am not a natural-born salesman, ya'll. I am, however, determined. Even if it means I must sit in a chair with cold feet for hours with a confusion of pics, links, words, and pricing swimming before my eyes.

So, what am I blabbering about? My new shop is open for business! Currently, I only have a handful of items for sale (remember what I said about pics, words, pricing? Mind-boggling and time-consuming - but I'll get there.) I plan on adding more very soon, though. 

Speaking of which, want a glimpse of what's on the needles? 

(I hope you said yes.)

Baby sweater:

This little number is from Creative Knitting magazine and I originally started it because I had the yarn the pattern called for in a colorway I love. It's a simple knit that looks beautifully complex. 

And did I mention it's going to have sparkly buttons?

Who doesn't love sparkly buttons? This one is for the shop.

Next up is a sweater I have high hopes of actually wearing this year, before the sweltering heat of summer kicks in. I don't have a great track record when it comes to finishing large items in a timely manner. But with only three inches of lace and a button band left, it's doable. That is, if spring quits trying to come in January. Seventy degrees outside today!

Seaside Cardigan. I've had several issues with this pattern, but I find it so lovely I can't complain much. Most of the problems have been noted and corrected on the Ravelry page, the others I have found I put on my project page. (Lion Brand Wool-ease in Misty Blue.)

Finally, my other WIP (that I'm actually working on) is a hugemongous pair of socks, in fingering weight  yarn, on size 1 needles. For my brother-in-law and his size 14 (!) feet. If it wasn't for a hard-earned PhD looming on his horizon, I wouldn't go this crazy route. (Even his wife, who is a prolific knitter and loves him madly, won't do it. See? Crazy.)

What are your WIPs? Ever knit a crazy huge item? 

P.S. Don't forget to check out the shop ;D.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Moving on...

Hello, there! Welcome to my new blog, with (bigger) dreams and (hopefully) more posting! Moving over here from Come with me, won't you?